Dina’s Tarot Card Reading by Psychic Dina

So, there’s been this psychic in Jersey City that I pass all the time and always wanted to check out because she has the same name as me (even spelled the same!).  Never went to see her because I never knew what to make of them; not sure if I believe in what they say.

So I got to thinking about everything she said.  For $5, I got to ask her three questions.  Can you guess the first thing I asked about?  Love.  Obviously.  Dina told me that I just got out of a long-term relationship (duh).  That’s obvious right?  My first question is about love and you can’t tell that?  Then she told me my next love will be tall.  As in taller than me – that’s it?  Pretty easy.  Captain fucking obvious.  That’s like saying he’ll have arms.  Do I look like a girl that would date tiny dudes?  Not impressed.

Next, I asked her about work (I know, I was generic and uncreative with my questions but give me a break it was my first time).  She said I’m not doing what I want and I’m having some trouble.  Ummm, ok.  So she asked what I wanted and I told her I want my own business.  She told me it’s going to happen but not for a while.  Fine.  But once again, obviously.  If I’m asking you about my career it means I’m uncertain – if I was ready for my own business I probably wouldn’t so unsure.  Anyway.

Then she randomly pulled out a card and asked me “Are you having lower back  or stomach pains?”  The back pains, no big deal I have arthritis and this past weekend I irritated it moving shit around my apartment.  But mentioning the stomach pains, scary.  Is she talking about the abdominal pain I mentioned in my last post but am too chicken-shit to get checked out?  There was also a death card on the table that I totally avoided asking about.  Fuck.

Dina told me that there is a female that is very jealous of me and wished horrible things to happen.  She said that that’s why when everything seems to be going great something bad happens.  I told her bitches hate me cause they ain’t me.  Just kidding, but I thought that in my head and I LOLed.  Actually, I really don’t think anyone is jealous of me and if they are, they shouldn’t be.  She said there’s a bad aura around me that she can get rid of if I buy a crystal for $50 — oh and it’s so strong I’ll need 2 of them. Fuck my life.

Then, Dina told me that lately I’ve been bottling up feelings inside instead of talking about them; spot on.  But isn’t that a good guess for someone that’s just gotten out of a long-term relationship?  Probably.

Then I asked her more about love as my last question.  She said “you want to find love and be loved.” I replied with “Who the fuck doesn’t lady?” and stormed out.

Yea, so.  Not sure if I was impressed.

What do you think of my reading – were these pretty standard answers?  Have you ever been to a psychic before?  What was your reading like?


3 responses to “Dina’s Tarot Card Reading by Psychic Dina

  1. It’s really a nice and useful piece of information. I’m glad that you simply shared this helpful info with us.

    Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Yes, thank you for posting. I always pass by too, and want to go in. But, your reading sounded kind of generic. So, I guess I’ll curb my urges. For $5 though, you can’t go wrong!

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