Made in America Festival in Philly

My girlfriends and I decided to go  to the Made in America music festival in Philly, which was such a great time!    Only my second time there and love it!  The last performance of the night was Jay-Z and while we were waiting for him to get on stage I was standing in the crowd and suddenly felt someone push me forward.  I turned around ready to flip out on someone when I realized it was a bouncer and looked to see who he was escorting.  I realized it was Drake and he was literally right beside me about to walk past.  But there was no way I was letting him get away.  I quickly grabbed his arm and he turned around and looked me straight in the eyes.  Yes, we made eye contact.  He’s probably one of my favorite artists (I actually used to watch him on the Canadian TV show Degrassi when I was in college).  Seriously, one of the best moments of my life; I needed that.

One of my favorite acts of the night was the Calvin Harris set which was on a smaller stage in a tent.  The atmosphere was so intense and it was amazing.  Here are some videos I took during Calvin Harris:


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