I’m Fat but I’m Cool Like That…

I watched this video earlier this morning and was practically in tears;  I had nothing but chills after watching it.  This TV anchor had the courage to publicly  acknowledge one reader’s ridiculing email to her about her weight and address it. You can watch the video here:

Whenever I was picked on about my weight, I remember being more upset because I was actually trying to lose weight.  It bothered me that I was overweight and yes I knew I needed to change.  It’s like people think you enjoy being fat.  I can speak for myself and say that I did not.  I dieted, exercised, etc. as a kid and had trouble.  So people pointing out my flaws just reminded me of what was I already knew.  There’s no reason to point out anyone’s faults because the truth is THEY PROBABLY ALREADY KNOW THEM.  And I bet it bothers them WAY MORE than it bothers you.

This video hit so close to home because if you’ve ever been teased or bullied, you know exactly what she must have felt like.  It’s like people don’t realize that you recognize your own flaws.  Trust me, they do.

These are the words that hurt the most.  If you’ve ever experienced any time of teasing (and I’m sure you have because we all probably have), I bet you didn’t forget exactly what they said.  I remember verbatim, any time anyone ever made me cry or really hurt me.

Recently, a guy that teased me as a kid asked me out on a date and I laughed at him.  I can still remember exactly what he said to make me cry and now this is in like 7th grade.  He had no idea why I would say no to him – he’s good looking, smart, has a job, blah blah blah.  So why would I reject him years later?  Principle.    I may not be a fatty to him anymore, but he will always be a fucking loser to me 🙂

But really, with shit like that, sometimes you really just don’t forget what people say….

She’s a much better person than I am because my response would have probably been something along the lines of “Thank you for pointing that out, yes I own a fucking mirror.”  Actually, when I was teased about my weight as a kid I used to say “I’m fat, but I’m cool like dat.”  That was my be strong statement; I actually used it a few times.  My sister taught me to say that after I came home upset.

Were you ever bullied or teased?  Do you remember the things said or what you were teased about?


2 responses to “I’m Fat but I’m Cool Like That…

  1. buffbodyandskinnyjeans

    I had tears in my eyes too when I heard about this story. I just recently gave birth to my first child so I think ab situations differently now. It would break my heart to have my son bullied for something he is already insecure ab. It made me think of one if my favorite quotes by Plato- “be kind for every person you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

    • That is one of my favorite quotes EVER! It’s hard being teased, I know from experience! It’s something you never forget. We are all insecure about things and we shouldn’t be reminded of that. Kudos to her for doing so publicly also!

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