Halloween Costume Ideas…Anyone?

Ok, so I’m a bit stumped for Halloween costume ideas.  I’ve been so busy and stressed out that my creative juices just aren’t flowing right.  You don’t understand, halloween is my FAVORITE holiday.  Since I was a kid, I’ve always had the most creative and hilarious costumes, most of them I make myself.  This year, I just can’t quite get it.  C’mon, help a girl out.

As you can see from my photos below, Dina has no boundaries.  I’ll be anyone, wear whatever, just to get a rise.  I’ve won contests (as a kid I won almost every year) and three years ago, I was picked by OK Magazine to be featured on their website for a celebrity look alike contest when I was Amy Winehouse (see below).  Also, two years ago, I won $1000 from Us Weekly & Zaarly and was featured in their magazine for dressing up as Snooki.

So, any fun ideas?   It can be outlandish as possible, ain’t no shame in my game;  the crazier the better.  Let’s hear them in the comments below.


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